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July 10 2013


Naturals Resources on Iraq-Future of Iraq

Iraq is the birthplace of modern civilization. Republic of Iraq is located in an eastern end of the Fertile Crescent. North of Iraq is comes Turkey, East side of Iraq has Iraq, on the south side of Iraq Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia exists while the west side has Jordan and Syria. Iraq also possesses a limited access to Persian Gulf in the southeast. Iraq includes an area of 169235 square miles, which makes it somewhat twice the size of Idaho. The majority of the population of Iraq is involved in agriculture as there is a long belt of agriculture in Euphrates and Tigris rivers and delta just before they enter in Gulf. Iraq is above 7000 feet from sea level. This is homeland to many great personalities which include scientists, Scholars and leaders.

Iraq has non-stop natural reserves of Oil, gas, gold and other minerals which make it different from the other world. Proven oil reserves of Iraq are 135 billion, and if unexposed areas are included, then it could reach  the additional level of 200 barrels. Iraq has discovered lots of natural oil reserves in the central region, and east side and it will add an extra amount of oil production, and it will take the oil production of Iraq to 4.5 million barrels from 3.3 million barrels till the end of this year.

Recently, Iraq organized an expo, where large companies from all around the world participated, and they show their interests to invest in Iraq’s mega projects. In this expo, almost 2500 companies participated. Now government of Iraq is issuing the license to the government of Iraq in order to authorize the companies to invest in Iraq.

Economically, Iraq is financially dependent on the oil production of it. Iraq has also increased its exports which is a good sign for this country to build up the strong economy. Many investors from all around the world are just coming to invest in Oil as oil is becoming the need for the entire world.

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